Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Aljazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles, USA.
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The National Debt

by Elhanan ben-Avraham

A recent newspaper article told that America’s national debt is now above 10.6 trillion dollars.  I would here suggest that it may be greater than that.

The USA (and thus the rest of the nations) is currently experiencing an almost unprecedented economic turmoil, and none is sure how far the downturn will move.
After a long period of great prosperity in North America, when no delight seemed beyond the reach of the average American, in a very short time many have lost their savings, and are further fearful for the loss of jobs and homes.

On each and every one of the dollars of the growing national debt, dollars that many have been known to steal, cheat, and even kill to obtain, is written, “In God We Trust”.  Some time back I telephoned the Federal Reserve with the question of what actually lies behind the buying power of the dollar bill, whether it might yet be gold or silver, or some other precious commodity. I was informed that we have not been on the gold or silver standard since the early 1950’s. What then, I queried, is behind the dollar? The answer I received- from the Horse’s Mouth, as it were- was:  “Faith”.  To which I replied, Is that why some visionary had “In God We Trust” written on the other side of the note?  That, the Federal Reserve representative responded, is an interesting thought, sir.

That God in whom the American dollar has placed its trust, as had the founding visionaries of America in their own written words, has rested His unmistakable blessing upon the American experience since its inception, a blessing far above any nation in the history of nations.  Might it therefore be that a people upon whom has been bestowed such wealth and abundance, such freedom and hope, have a debt of responsibility toward that Creator who is cited in their own Declaration of Independence?

Four biblical generations ago, in 1620, the Law and requirements of that same God were planted by the Pilgrims on the soil of this wild continent.  Through their courage, vision and sacrifice that seed of a world view grew and spread out through the consciousness and conscience of the Americans, uprooting and replacing other ideas as the foundation of the “American Experiment”.  It eventually overturned such evil injustices as slavery- the deliverance from slavery to the promise of freedom being the central theme of both Old and New Testaments. The opportunity for “The Four Freedoms” (of religion, of speech, from want, and from fear) to be realized became a reality in the USA.

But these gifts of vast freedoms and the power of wealth has recently led to America being the leading producer of the world’s pornography, of vile and corrupting television programming, eroding all Godly principles, being fed daily to the young of the next generation, to extensive drug use and rampant violence, and of a concerted effort to remove the mention of God publicly, the forbidding of Christmas celebration in public places, and the removing of monuments of the Ten Commandments. The name of God, or even mention of His existence, has become a mockery and embarrassment among many of the intellectual elite, and has thus filtered down into the educational system of the nation. And the USA, as reflected in the decision of the recent presidential election, will now move further in its liberalization toward the unleashing of restraint, and moving further from the requirements of that God who has so blessed.  The coming administration intends to loosen the bonds on the industry of abortion, the murder of children in the womb.  In the same spirit, ignoring the admonition of the Creator, the gift of life intended to be produced and nurtured within the holy bond of marriage between a man and a woman, is now being redefined in some states to include people of the same sex. The covenant of marriage between a man and a woman is the central covenant of the Law of God, and its perversion is no less than the destruction of the image of God.

The blessings of the Creator upon the nation, or any nation, according to the obligations of their bestower, has produced a vast national debt, a debt that can never be paid in full.  There is no economic plan that men alone can conceive to turn the hand of God.  The recent events striking America, from the World Trade Center to the current economic woes, are the withdrawing of that Hand- in admonition- that has thus far so abundantly blessed and guided. In His mercy there are yet voices calling out for the return of the American people to the source of their blessing and heritage, who has Himself paid the debt of the sin of mankind.

 It is written:  To whom much has been given, much more is required.Americabless God.

Jerusalem, Israel
16 Nov. 2008