Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Aljazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles, USA.
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Rise and Fall of Empires

In the history of our planet empires have been known to rise and to fall.  The cause has often been due to the old adage that ‘the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history’. The other cause is that they refused to see the signs of the times, and that they did not heed the song of the Prophets. Some empires fell completely to ruins, others transformed downward into weak third-world nations. 

Rome, for example, was neither build in a day nor did it fall in a day, but over a process of time. That great empire went from a vast power ruling much of the world, to a pile of ruins crawling with alley cats and tourists.  Its days of glory devolved from magnificent art and architecture and classical theatre to pornography and a grand coliseum built for the provision of rank entertainment filled with the bloody slaughter of animals and people, for fun. It had great faith in its outward military power even as its heart weakened from within through political corruption, financial dissolution, and the increasing concentration on the seeking of every kind pleasure and entertainment. Morality descended to brutality and unfaithfulness.  The persecution of those who did uphold a high standard of morality, the Christians and the Jews, increased from marginalization unto murder. The people no longer believed or had faith in the vision of their own empire, and eventually had no vision at all.  The leadership itself of the empire descended into every corruption and vice, its Caesars being examples of every vice and evil intrigue, spending beyond their means until the economy, taxed beyond sustainability, could not provide for an effective military. Finally its violent foreign policy brought military defeat, and then the invasion of a primitive and vicious people to sack the capitol of Rome.  Now it exists only in history books.

The most blessed and free nation in history, the United States of America, is today struggling though a transformation and struggle for its very heart and vision. And perhaps for its very survival and existence. Much of its art and culture, which is the thermometer of its spiritual health, has declined into sensualism and pornography, violence and obscenity, immorality and action without content.  Much hopelessness and formlessness, lack of beauty and instead a distortion of beauty into ugliness and grotesqueness, is painted by its artists. The education of the young has declined from learning wisdom and the mechanics of productivity to utter self-absorption.  For many of the young there is nothing larger than the Self.  The Judeo-Christian ethic and worldview upon which the nation was founded is being marginalized and mocked as anachronism, and forbidden to be taught or exposed in public. The great men of the past, including those who founded the nation and formed its foundational documents, are being belittled and slandered. Forgetting that we are only here enjoying our pleasant lot due to their beliefs and deeds, many of the elite intelligentsia seek to break with those beliefs and deeds.  Through a process of ‘demystification’ of former wisdom they would replace those time-tested beliefs and worldview with “Change”, but have little clarity of what that change will lead to. The weak and immoral are replacing those men of renown as modern heroes and oracles, often only because they are wealthy, and excellent actors and entertainers, and their opinions shape those of a semi-literate population.  

Wealth has been sought without responsibility or honesty, leading the economy into serious crisis where many have lost homes and jobs. There seems to be a restless seeking of ‘emancipation’ from all that has created the goodness of America, and the replacing of its time-tested foundation with something that is unknown to all. Marriage of a man and a woman, and family, the institution and covenant that has proven to be the strength of all prosperous nations, is being replaced with gratification without responsibility, and its by-products being worthy only of destruction in the garbage disposal of abortion. Amongst the black community this a-morality is so rampant that a large part of that population is born out of wedlock, without father or proper family to nurture, thus producing great anger and confusion. And now the institution of what was once termed ‘holy matrimony’ is being distorted into the mating of men with men, women with women, which nature itself and the very mechanics of the human body, declare a perversion.  Even what are called ‘churches’ are involved in promoting that perverted agenda, going against their own founding document.  And there are indeed those tribes of primitive and vicious 

people out there, who are well-armed and whose dedication to the destruction and sacking of American is not at all flagging.

And yet there are many in America who still do not heed either the signs of the times, or the song of the Prophets. They would prefer to bask in their personal and private realities they have created for themselves, denying both history and eternal Wisdom.  They would hope that things will either settle down to normalcy and quietness, or really don’t care what will come to pass.

You who yet uphold the vision of America, and the eternal Wisdom of the Ages, please consider the lessons of history as you go out to vote for your candidate in this election, which is both a privilege and a responsibility.