Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Aljazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles, USA.
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Why One Nation Under God?

When ancient Israel wished to become as all other nations by setting a king of flesh and blood over them, Samuel the Prophet, after warning the people of the dire consequences of their request, anointed Saul as their first king, declaring to Israel, “This day you have rejected your God” (1 Samuel 10:19 ).  Thus began a painful history of political intrigues culminating in the crucifixion in Jerusalem of Israel’s final King, the final monarch who would lead the Jewish people back to the kingdom of God alone.  That rejection eventually led to dissolution and scattering of Israel as a prosperous and independent nation, leaving them then under the heavy hand of other oppressive regimes.

Since that time the world has known many monarchies and despots, cruel dictators and caesars and lords and popes. There have been misguided bloody revolutions to overthrow such regimes, leading only to more cruel regimes including oppressive communist rule denying Heaven and attempting to wash clean from human consciousness the memory of God and the Bible. This has now led to an unhappy world in turmoil and financial chaos, of crowds of angry mobs demonstrating in the streets for change around the planet, and wars and rumors of wars.

There is one historical exception.  The American revolution was a successful attempt to throw off the control of the king of England. But that revolution was not launched with the vision to establish yet another human king in his place.  That brave endeavor was born of a document unique in the annals of human history, the Declaration of Independence of July 4th, 1776. That document officially threw off the authority of the kingdom of England by listing the oppressive deeds performed by that king, and putting in his stead the declaration that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.  They declared their cause justified by “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions”, and, “for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” they committed their lives, fortunes and honor.

The writers of that Declaration, and the following American Constitution, were all steeped in the knowledge of the Bible and the Reformation and Enlightenment, and much influenced by the writing of the Christian philosopher John Locke. These men set into motion what their first president, George Washington, who refused to become king, was to call, “The Great Experiment”- if men could live free under equitable laws, with no king but God.  Thus was born, for the first time since Israel rejected God as their only king, the motto, “One Nation Under God”.

“Unalienable rights” cannot exist by the force of human declaration or government.  By their very nature, governments have not the power to guarantee such rights, as their inevitable changes and decisions can easily remove those rights with a change of regime, philosophy or law.  Only the unchangeable can guarantee the rights of man as unalienable over any extended period of time.  There is only one unchangeable.

An appeal to reason would suggest that the free choice is clear.  Either there will be a nation under God with equitable laws reflecting His ineffable standards of right and wrong, or a nation under men, inevitably reflecting the changing modes of thought and political trends and fickle whims and promises of changeable laws. 

The great power and success until now of the United States of America has arisen from three essential facts, which are not simply nature at work.  The first is that the nation has had one language between two oceans, facilitating instant and clear communication among its various states.  The second is that it has one currency. And the third is that the currency has written upon it the dependence on the one God rather than in the currency:  “In God We Trust”. The European community has recognized the second fact and has attempted to produce the same success there by creating the Euro as their single currency.  But without the other two factors in place, having in effect rejected the kingship of God, it has not achieved anywhere near the same success as has been in the USA.

The founders of the USA were brave visionaries of wisdom.  They set in motion a political system with an undergirding philosophy that would allow that nation to continue and prosper and achieve its set goals over a period of two hundred and thirty-six years. But there are now forces who are actively at work to undermine that very foundation that has brought success to the nation.  The current floundering of the economy and other ills are a reflection of that dissolving of vision and foundation. Therefore, it would behoove people of vision and understanding to realize and maintain the idea that it is only right and good that there should remain on the planet at least one nation under God.

Elhanan ben-Avraham

Jerusalem  12-2011