Here is a powerful and amazing statement on Aljazeera television. The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles, USA.
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Mindy Wiesenberg Letter

During the Gaza crisis last week, British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, warned Israel that if it sent troops into Gaza to confront Hamas, it risked loosing the sympathy of the international community. On November 19th, a Jewish woman in Britain, Mindy Wiesenberg, sent the following letter to Mr. Hague, in response.

Dear Mr Hague

You have stated that if Israel tries to defend its population through a
ground offensive in Gaza ‘it risks losing the sympathy of the
international community.’

Let me tell you something about the sympathy of the international
community Mr Hague. My father was liberated from Buchenwald
concentration camp in 1945, having lost his entire family but gaining
the sympathy of the international community at the time. After 6 million
Jews had been annihilated at the hands of the Nazi regime, the
international community had plenty of sympathy for the Jewish people.
There is always plenty of sympathy for victims.

Israel doesn’t need the sympathy of the international community.
What it needs is to defend its citizens.

When as a tiny country it gained its independence in 1948 it had to
absorb 800,000 Jews who were thrown out of Arab lands in the Middle
East, and it did so without fuss and with dignity giving them shelter
and a place of security in which their children could grow up to become
productive citizens. When Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria tried to
destroy Israel in 1948 and again in 1967 they took in hundreds of
thousands of Palestinian Arabs, but did they give them dignity or
shelter? No they left them to rot in refugee camps in order to maintain
a symbol of grievance against Israel and use them as a political tool
against the Jewish state. What has arisen in those camps is a
complicated situation, but it is what has led to Gaza today.

So don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr Hague.
Not when Israel has just sent in 120 truck loads of food into Gaza to
feed the Palestinian people there, because their own leadership is more
interested in using its population as human shields, launching rockets
against Israel from within major civilian centres.

Don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr Hague.
Not when Israel targets with as much military precision as it can, only
terrorists and their bases, trying its utmost to prevent civilian

Don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr Hague.
Not when the Palestinian media deliberately uses images of victims of
the Syrian civil war and presents them as casualties in Gaza to gain
international sympathy.

Go read your history books Mr Hague, go see that since the beginning of
the twentieth century all the Arabs wanted to do was destroy Israel. Go
look at the country of Israel now since the Jews have established a
state there. Go read what advances in science, medicine, biotechnology,
agriculture and high tech Israel has developed, and dedicated that
knowledge to making the world a better place for humanity. Can you
imagine any other country that after 60 years of continuously being
under attack could have achieved so much.

So Mr Hague don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy.
Israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself from outright attack
on its citizens, whether it be from Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran or any other
country or terrorist group that attacks it.

And if it loses the sympathy of the international community so be it. We
don’t need the international community’s sympathy. We don’t need another
6 million victims.

Yours sincerely